Sanding wood

"Thanks for a fabulous and flawless first week of the course, I can't wait to come back to continue."

Ian, Sussex

Antique Bureau

"Anyone interested in traditional finishing techniques will certainly learn something new from this course. (I say this as a professional furniture restorer)."

Max, Stroud


"A quick note to thank you for your support advice and patience, I thoroughly enjoyed your course."

Anne, East Sussex

Retouching wood finish

"A very enjoyable course week, a steep learning curve. I am now ready to come back on the long course."

Jane, Dulverton

Furniture repair

"This course has really improved my skills and I have now completed three successful projects."

Colin, Harpenden

Furniture repair student

"The beginners course exceeded my expectations in every respect. I have no hesitation in recommending the course to anyone."

James, Winterbourne

Antique repair

"I am very happy that I could work at my own pace and never felt under pressure in any way, a very good course for beginners."

Sheena, Wokingham

Staining wood

"Very thorough teaching - excellent knowledge base and teachers."

Henry, Marlborough

Cleaning antique furniture

"If you are semi self-confident about your own ability, a course like this is very useful."

James, Wokingham

Antique furniture repair

"A great course that has whetted my appetite for furniture courses."

Ian, Swansea

Cabinet restoration

"Has left me wanting to learn more."

Jeff, Pembrokeshire

Furniture repair

"It was such a wonderful experience being on your course for beginners, I've now fully decided that furniture restoration is the career for me. You are both brilliant teachers, it was so great to be with people with whom I enjoyed learning. The whole thing was a wonderful experience."

Ella, Devon

Chair repair

"Great environment in which to learn restoration skills."

Louise, Colchester

Antique table repair

"A very informative, practical and easy learning experience. It leaves me very enthusiastic."

Stephen, Plymouth


"I found the beginners course to be a fantastic, general introduction for a complete novice."

Oliver, Launceston